Sunday, October 31, 2010

September 2010

I'm one month away from being caught up to the current month!!! YAHOO!!!

Would you believe me if I told you the highlight of September was going camping with these jokers?!?
It was! I love the Dennison's more than I can even say. I wish we could get together more often, but I will settle for the few random visits that we are blessed with... even though we LITERALLY have to pass their house EVERY time we go to town. Yep, we'll always be lamer than you guys. But we love you!! REMEMBER THAT!

So apparently September was also the month I didn't take many pictures... or maybe life just slowed down a bit. However, I did become just a little more Martha in September... Martha Stewart that is.

September would also be the month these guys joined our little tribe.

No, we will not butcher and pluck them... we will enjoy them for these....

Can you tell which one came from our girls? It has amazed me how much darker the yolks are on these bad boys. We've had them for close to a month now (3 of them) and they've only produced just over half a dozen eggs. K has been having daily chats with them about how they don't feed us so why should we feed them, and is ecstatic when an egg is laid. Hopefully they'll become more consistent, or maybe we'll figure out what we're doing wrong... somethings gotta give!

This was the first egg from our very own chickens.

September did give us our first MAJOR medical incident... only it didn't involve anyone.. medically.
K bashed her head and walked out to find me on the porch, with blood over her face. It was a little scary... but we put on our big girl pants and dealt with it. It didn't really actually even hurt her... she just more reacted to our reactions... it was kinda gross.

but we Larson girls... we're survivors!

Canyon discovered one of his new favorite things... and its only $1 for a pack of 5. The most complicated and difficult thing about it is getting the first one blown up the first time. I've almost blown out my ear drums a couple of times just blowing so hard!...

Once I get it blown up once or twice he can do it... and its fun for HOURS! I highly recommend this toy to any parent with children of age.

THAT, my friends, was September 2010.
Another month closer to another year.

August 2010

August was just as busy as all the others... PLUS I turned a year older. Does that REALLY complicate things... or is it just an excuse...
Moving on... I am going to keep short on words, because I am still 3 months behind BUT, when we got back from our summer vacation we found that THE GARDEN IS GROWING!

That was very exciting considering the fact that it wasn't weeded for a month!

We went for some bonding time with Daddy at Cabela's (seriously.. what better place to bond?!)

We caught up with some friends...

A earned enough in trade babysitting for the neighbor that she got a perm!!

We spent some time at the pool (I'm not sure why these are the only pictures we have of proof)

Annnd CJ got to sped some time with his little girl friend
 this day she wanted to sing him a song

no, I'm not jealous... yet

A, K and C got to have a sleep-over at Jessie and Spencer's, Krystal was also there!

Kailey lost ANOTHER tooth... and it wasn't NEARLY as traumatic as the first!
 They just pretended it was

The kids started school...

2nd grade

 6th grade

Last year of pre-school!

AND we had C's SECOND and official 5th birthday party

 The package from Grammy & Papa

He opened a card from Grammy JoJo and Grampy Stevie and money fell out all over the place!

Oh and we can't forget the BACON for dinner!!! Bacon and eggs is what he chose for dinner this year.

PLUS did I mention I turned another year older?!?!

And my garden continued to grow

What more can a girl ask for?